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Move-In Information and Rates

It is the policy of Brewster Village not to discriminate against clients in the delivery of services on the basis of age, race, color, handicap, sex, creed, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, arrest or conviction record, marital status, religion or medical condition such as HIV, MRSA, and Hepatitis B provided the facility is able to meet their needs through services from the facility staff or in cooperation with outside agencies. Medical conditions that the facility are unable to manage include ventilator dependence, continuous blood transfusions, and any conditions requiring negatively pressurized rooms (i.e. active TB).

During the pre-admission assessment process, Brewster Village staff will review an individual’s medical, financial, and social information that is provided by that individual, a family member, a guardian, a physician, and/or a referring facility. This information is necessary to meet the applicable code requirements. This information includes current medical findings, physician’s plan of care, diagnoses, PPD and/or chest x-ray, rehabilitative potential, pay source, guardianship and protective placement papers, and durable power of attorney for finances and/or health care with nursing home placement authorization.

Admissions are accepted seven days a week.

For questions on the admission process, please contact Tabitha Becker, Support Services Coordinator at (920) 858-7918 or e-mail at

You may download the admission application form, complete it, and mail it back in care of Tabitha Becker, Brewster Village, 3300 W. Brewster Street, Appleton, WI 54914 or attach as an e-mail to Tabitha Becker’s above e-mail address.

Since Brewster Village is a facility owned by Outagamie County, we primarily serve residents living in Outagamie County for long term care needs, but should you have questions regarding this, please contact Tabitha Becker, our Support Services Coordinator, at (920) 858-7918.

When considering utilizing an assisted living facility or a nursing home, please review the brochure from the Division of Quality Assurance – “Considering Assisted Living or a Nursing Home: What You Should Know” via this web link.

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As of January 1, 2023,
Rates Will Be as Follows


These rates include room, board and many supply items including incontinent products and the use of a standard wheelchair.


Bedhold rates are available at 100% the daily rate for hospitalizations up to 15 days, therapeutic leaves, and home passes.


Brewster Village accepts Medical Assistance. For more information, contact Outagamie County Economic Support at (920) 832-5168.


Brewster Village is a certified Medicare and Medicaid provider. We serve private pay individuals and those with long term care insurance.

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