Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Brewster Village?

Brewster Village is a 204 bed skilled nursing facility. Any Outagamie County resident who is in need of nursing home care or has a relative who needs nursing home care can apply for admission.

2. How will I pay for services?

Brewster Village accepts individuals who are able to pay privately for their services they receive or if they carry a long term care insurance policy. We are also certified to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid Programs.

3. Are rooms private?

Yes, all villager rooms are private. Each room has a bathroom. Separate bathing facilities, equipped with a shower and a bathtub, are available in each household. While each villager room is completely furnished, we encourage villagers to bring their own furnishings. If desired, villagers can subscribe to cable television, telephone, and internet services for their rooms. These services are also available in the more public spaces within the facility.

4. Are areas available to permit villagers to meet privately with visitors?

In addition to villagers’ rooms, there are family rooms that can be used for get-togethers and celebrations. There are also numerous spaces where villagers and visitors can meet and/or passively participate in activities. Each household also has a secure backyard that villagers have access to at all times.

5. What medical and nursing services do you provide?

Villagers may choose their own physician and pharmacist and make their own arrangements for medical care. Our physicians from Mosaic Family Health make house calls each morning, Monday through Friday. They are also available after hours and on weekends. Our pharmacist from Morton Pharmacy also makes house calls one day a week. She, too, is available after hours and on the weekends. We have registered nurses in the facility around the clock and seven days a week. They do an excellent job of assessing villagers’ needs and individualizing care plans. We involve the villagers, their families, and guardians in the care planning process. If requested, we will also assist villagers to prepare plans for emergency care and advance directives. As a result, we consistently out-perform other facilities in preventing pressure sores, use of restraints, and the number of infections. Our certified nursing assistants are highly trained and very competent. They understand the medical conditions and cognitive impairments that villagers have. Our nursing assistants work with the same villagers on a consistent basis. They understand their villagers’ needs and are able to respond quickly to villager calls, respect their privacy, and assist them in the most dignified manner possible.

6. What rehabilitative services does the facility provide?

We contract with Aegis Therapy for therapy services. When ordered by the villager’s physician, they provide occupational, physical, and speech therapy tailored to that villager’s needs.

7. What other services are provided?

The facility contracts with Health Drive Medical and Dental Practices, which provides our villagers with the services of a dentist, audiologist, podiatrist, and optometrist within the facility and handles all third party billing. If villagers choose to see other healthcare providers outside of Brewster Village, our staff can assist in scheduling those appointments and helping with transportation arrangements. The facility also has a beauty salon/barber shop from which villagers can obtain services at reasonable rates.

8. What are the facility's food service options?

Villagers eat in the households in which they live. We encourage villagers to eat in the dining room as an opportunity to socialize; however, they may eat in their rooms. If arrangements are made in advance, family members may dine with villagers for a nominal fee. Our dietary staff works closely with the Village Council on menu items which include ethnic dishes, seasonal fruits and vegetables, regional dishes, holiday meals, and continental breakfasts. We encourage family members to bake and cook with villagers in their households. All kitchens have a well-stocked pantry.

9. What activities do you offer villagers?

Our activities program is designed to mirror a typical day. Villagers may involve themselves in activities of daily living such as setting the table for meals, doing dishes, or doing the laundry. They may then “go to work”. In our workshop, villagers do a variety of tasks including recycling and making trash can liners. Recreational activities are available in the evenings and on weekends. Those activities occur in the households as well as in the community center. Also, church services are offered each week.

10. Are villagers' pets permitted to visit?

Yes. We recognize the therapeutic value of pet visits and we encourage the practice.

11. What is Brewster Village's smoking policy?

Brewster Village is a smoke-free environment. Villagers may smoke in the shelter on the patio located by the chapel and community room. There is no smoking allowed anywhere else in the building.

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